Monday, 17 May 2021

Red vs Blue out now!


It's finally here!

My new album 'Red vs Blue' is out now on all major streaming services and in CD and download form on Bandcamp. Click the link here to buy it!

Check out what the lovely people at had to say about the album below:

'I haven’t heard from Sam Draisey since I reviewed his impressive album, As I Live And Breathe back in 2017. He’s not been idle, though, and one or two things have changed – he’s not the fresh-faced young chap he was back then; a look that belied the intensity of his music. Red vs Blue is an eighteen-track double album with as Sam says, no front and no back as far as its covers are concerned. The odd thing is that his looks still belie his music; you might expect him to be spitting vitriol but these songs are clever, witty and readily accessible.

The first track on the “red” disc is ‘I Don’t Really Look Like A Punk’. Sam says that the two halves of the album are mirror images of each other, by the way, and the record is more about what unites us as a people than what divides us. Anyway: “I don’t have tattoos ‘cos I’m too indecisive / And my Dad brought me up to hate spending money” After listing some more of his virtues and concluding that his parents are pretty punk, too, because “Punk is anti-racist / punk is anti-fascist”. As a position paper for the album, it’s a damn good song, and I agree with all it – except that I’m of Sam’s parents’ generation, not his. ‘Get On Your Fucking Bike’ follows that and it’s not what you think it might be. Rather, it’s a plea for ecological sanity.

Sam’s band includes his regular sidesmen, Daniel Hart on guitar and Dickie Davis on drums, with the addition of Ewan Stevens and John Hare who provide extra melodic decoration. The words are important and the musicians back and support without getting in the way.

Sam uses ‘Pauper’s Grave’ and ‘True Worth’ to point up the divide between rich and poor with a hint of ‘Bury Me Naked’ in the former. He’s preaching to the choir, of course, but it does no harm. There’s self-deprecation in ‘Principle’ even while he defends his musical stance – a wonderfully understated song. ‘Who’s To Blame’ gives the band a work-out while ‘Question Everything’ takes that sage advice and looks backwards to his childhood and forwards to a potential future in a gentle acoustic song. ‘The Play-Doh Song’ is a delightful side-bar but Sam does nothing without a purpose as you’ll discover while ‘Home’ is ostensibly an exercise in nostalgia but, again, it hides a deeper purpose.

The “blue” disc opens with ‘Who We Are’ which provides the album’s title and reinforces the messages of some of the “red” songs and, although it seems to look at both ends of the political spectrum it concludes that “we all know who we are”. ‘Where’s The Border Anyway’ takes aim at governments on both sides of the pond and it’s clear that, despite his protestations of even-handedness, Sam definitely comes down hard on “them” – funny how they seem to be on the “blue” half of the album. That said, he (mostly) contains the vitriol very well and the songs will send you away with something to think about. ‘By Any Other Name’ and ‘Send Them Back’ aren’t any too gentle but the word-play of ‘It’s More Important To Do Right Than To Be Right’ makes its point without shouting the odds. As for ‘The Tax Avoider’s Song’ – do I need to say any more? Finally, ‘Eulogy’ is just that but there is a deliberate ambiguity about it. I know what I think but I will leave you to decide for yourselves.

You may have concluded that I like Red Vs Blue and you’d be right. There is an old-fashioned feeling about protest songs and Sam is rightly unashamed about being a protest singer. When we get folk-clubs back I’d love to hear one or two of these songs slipped into a set but, as Sam points out, what he does really isn’t fashionable.'

Dai Jeffries -

 Huge thank you to Dai for the kind words! Let me know what you think of the album by getting in touch on social media :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

New Merch!

 New merch is now available on my Bandcamp page, including T-shirts for new songs 'Get On Your F*cking Bike' and 'The Playdoh Song'.

Check them out here -

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Livestream gig

I for one have been really enjoying everyone's live streamed gigs. It's been really nice to be able to sit with the boys and watch live music that I may not have been able to get to see previously (as a parent with a young family).

I enjoyed playing my first one last week, then Jess Silk announced that I'll be doing another on her stream a few days later (I was watching with Buddy). I had nothing planned at the time, but thought 'why not?'

Now it looks like I'll be 'supporting' Davey Malone, as he's gigging live on Facebook on Wednesday from 9 too! You should watch both. Make a night of it.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

New full band show at The Robin 2
Delighted to be heading back to The Robin 2 in Bilston for a full band show. Excellent support acts on too in Dominic Malin, Jess Silk and Raphaella Kornarskis!

It could well be my only full band show this year, and we are hoping to play some new material, so make sure you don't miss it!

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

A rant about phone rants.

I'm getting tired of hearing old musicians and industry bods complaining about people having phones out at gigs, like it isn't a massive privilege to have someone want to share the experience you're creating for them with their friends and family. For many people it's not detracting from 'the moment', but actually being able to almost instantly share that moment with people you care about enhances it. Plus it's the way the world works now, and no amount of hazy-eyed nostalgia is going to change that.
I saw an elderly lady filming me at Thoresby Hall tonight. It happens a lot. I'm not naive enough not to realise that there is a reason I may get filmed and photographed more than the average singer-guitarist, but it did make me wonder what she might do with that video. I'd be surprised if she was the Facebook, or even WhatsApp type, so maybe she's just intending to physically show it to someone at a later date. Or maybe, like many of us, she got swept up in the moment of a song, recorded it, then will either forget about it tomorrow or delete it if she stumbles across it by accident. Either way, it showed me that she enjoyed the performance, and the 'moment' it created, enough to want to capture it.
I wonder how many videos of me playing are just knocking about on people's phones, never to be seen or shared...

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Check it out guys, the video of our FULL SHOW from The Robin last month. Hope you like it :)