Saturday, 27 October 2012

The 10 Mile Radius Tour

I've been reminded by a number of people recently just how important it is for an independent musician to have a dedicated local following in this day and age. I have therefore decided to make my first ever tour 'The 10 Mile Radius Tour'. The premise is that I will spend just over two weeks playing strictly in venues that are 10 miles or less from my house. I see this as an opportunity both to gain new fans in my local area, and also to give those who live locally and have supported me so well over the years a chance to see on tour. I'm visiting a load of local open mic and folk club singer nights as part of my tour, so if you play and fancy joining me, it would be great to see you. In fact, it would be great to see you anyway! :)

'Official' tour poster is below. See you on the road!

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