Monday, 25 May 2015

RIP Ziggy

Today is something of a momentous day. My little Fiat Punto, affectionately known as Ziggy, has finally given up it's ghost. He has taken me to gigs up and down the country and been thoroughly abused in terms of the amount of equipment he has been forced to carry. He was known as 'The Punto-van' to The Replicas for this reason. He will be missed.

But onward and upward we must travel, and I'm pleased to say that I have bought a replacement. It's a bigger car that can fit much more equipment in (and possibly be even more abused in the process) and maybe even house me overnight on a longer journey. Tour anyone?

In other news, I'm hoping to begin recording the guitar parts for the new album this week (now that the drums and the bass parts are down). A massive chunk of the album is recorded already and if I can get the guitars down this week that will be another massive tick off the list. Wish me luck!