Thursday, 28 July 2016

To vinyl, or not to vinyl...

Just a quick one. I've been thinking, and I'd really like to release my next album on vinyl (as well as on CD and online). I enjoy collecting it myself and it would feel like a real achievement to do it. Only problem is, I'm not sure how well it would sell. I'm not really interested in making anything from it, but I'd need to sell enough copies to at least get close to breaking even, and getting vinyl pressed is expensive!

What do you reckon? Would you be interested in buying my 'still' upcoming album on vinyl?

Sunday, 17 July 2016

More gigs for July...

I'm just back from another really good Brewood Music Festival. It was a great day and great turn out. I won't start ranting about what happened during my set, but needless to say that, in my opinion, it's very rude for the band on after you to start setting up around you while you're playing your second song!

Anyway, I still had a good time :)

This week coming I've got open mic at The Wharf in Walsall from 8 of Tuesday, which is a venue that books live music every weekend, so maybe come down and show what you can do!

On Friday The Replicas are making a rare public appearance at The Crown in Bridgnorth for it's grand re-opening. It's also my last day of working at school for the summer, so I'll be looking to have a good time! It's free entry and in the courtyard, so it should be a really good atmosphere and a good night.

Saturday there will be a chance to nurse your Replicas induced hangover with a chilled session at Village Coffee. Promise it won't be too loud for you!

Then Sunday it's Fox & Anchor time again, with another super line up of local musicians hosted by me!

Hope to see you in the week :)


Monday, 11 July 2016



Some cool gigs coing up this week.

After having to call in sick last week (massive thanks to Craig Pate for covering for me at the very last minute!) I'll be back at The Wharf in Walsall for open mic on Tuesday from 8pm. As always, everyone is welcome to come down and show their stuff!

Then on Sunday I'm returning to Brewood Music Festival. Two years ago I compered with local hero Will Morgan, but this year I've gotr my own slot on the main stage at 4:20. It's always really well attended, and I'm looking forward to playing. I'm also looking forward to seeing Pete Kent play again!

See you there!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Gigs this week!

Another really great week or gigs coming up this week! Three old favourites and a brand new and exciting one!

Firstly it's open mic at The Wharf on Tuesday from 8. Everyone is welcome to come down and sing, play, dance, tell knock-knock jokes. Whatever you like really! Last week was really cool because, even though I was the only one playing, I met a couple from Scotland who really liked my music, bought some CDs (and a T shirt!) and asked me to go and play at a festival in Bathgate!

On Friday I'm going on an adventure over to Stourport to support Bleeding Hearts at Worleys at The Swan from 7. Check out the stage, it looks amazing!

Saturday I'll be chilling out after Friday's antics with an afternoon session at Village Coffee, Bar & Kitchen from 2. I've started squeezing a couple of my own tunes into my set there, and haven't been kicked off yet!

Then on Sunday I'm hosting a superb line up at The Fox and Anchor including Dan Hartland, Alex Vann and Lauren Macmillan. It's always an honour to be able to book myself onto a line up with such talented musicians, and Sunday is going to be a perfect example of that.

It would be great to see you somewhere along the way :)