Thursday, 2 March 2017

Quality over quantity

You may have noticed that I've not been gigging a huge amount recently. Aside from the obvious family and recording reasons, I thought I would shed some light on why that is.

Over the past few years I've hosted lots of different types of gigs in lots of different types of venues. I've run open mic nights,  booked nights, all dayers and festivals. Recently I've tried to make a clean break from running gigs where I can't pay the other acts involved, such as open mic nights or freebie booked nights.

I'm not saying these nights don't have a place, I play at them myself. I guess I'm just trying to build a reputation for myself as someone who can get musicians paid gigs, even if the fee can only cover travel and drinks.

So now I have my fortnightly songwriter's session at The Crown Joules and I've just confirmed the dates for another year of Fox & Anchor gigs. Outside of that, I'm starting to look again at some more gigs for myself,  but I really do want to focus on getting this album finished. It's been way too long!